Backup: It's All About Recovery

Traditional backup strategies and technologies are being challenged by today's business environment. Gone are the days where recovery time objectives (RTO) are measured in days or even hours. Applications can be the lifeblood of an organization. Consider a company that generates all of it's revenue through online sales. If this company is down for hours, it could mean a significant loss in revenue. If it is down for days it could mean disaster. Virtualized infrastructures offer the IT organization flexibility in their ability to limit downtime.

One way and probably the first line of defense for any organization to limit downtime and data loss is a solid backup strategy. If your systems are virtualized, not only can your backup strategy help you keep your recovery point objectives. It can also be used as a disaster recovery and business continuity solution.

Technologies that work very well together are Veeam, Exagrid and Overland. Veeam is the leader in virtualized backup and recovery. Exagrid has worked very closely with Veeam and together they offer a solution that enables backup, restoration, replication, business continuity and disaster recovery in the event of application, system or site failure due to natural or man made disasters, including terrorism. Overland is a leader in tape library storage for long term archive data. 

If you are missing your backup windows, looking for virtual backup strategy or enhancing you application availability, the first step is to get an assessment of your current backup infrastructure. Unison and Veeam are offering a free onsite assessment that will provide insight on how to improve your current backup processes and prepare for disaster.

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