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HP has introduced a new tool in order to help end users configure servers, storage,  workstations, notebooks, etc. After you use the configurator, please export it to an excel file and email it to We will then take several steps to ensure your satisfaction:

  • Validate your configuration with HP Engineering ("things change fast in this business")
  • Offer an alternative design with the same or better specifications, depending on above and current HP Promotions
  • Register your company and configuration with HP corporate pricing team. Most of the times this allows us to provide you significant savings compared to prices on our site or anyone else's. That is the Unison "Registered Price Guarantee", a commitment to offer the customer the lowest price available. We guarantee it!

Sometimes the registration process takes 24-48 hours, but well worth it on most configurations. You can always generate your own quote for budget purposes via our site. You will then receive a quote from our sales department of your actual costs. Just email your configuration to .